Land Rover Range Rover Evoque wheel & tyre specs

Rim Specs

Rim Size

You can buy custom wheels for Land Rover Range Rover Evoque with the same diameter, offset and rim size as your factory wheels. Or you can go with a set of aftermarket wheels that are bigger, wider and with less offset for a truly custom look. It is almost always possible to replace factory Land Rover Range Rover Evoque wheels and run with a bigger rim size on it without too much trouble.

Bolt pattern

The first number is the number of bolts (or nuts), the second number is the diameter in mm they are located on, also is called PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter).

Center Bore

The diameter of the centre bore that is measured from the side of the attachment plane. This parameter is called the DIA of the disk. The DIA is measured in mm.

Thread Size

Fastener Size. The marking on the fastening bolt M12x1.5 stands for a thread with a nominal diameter of 12 (mm), a thread pitch of 1.5 (mm).

Wheel Fasteners: Lug bolts

They are used as wheel fasteners - Bolts or nuts.

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Land Rover Range Rover Evoque 2019 P300

    • Generation: L551 [2018 .. 2020]
    • Power: 296 hp | 221 kw | 300 PS
    • Engine: P300

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